Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics (BCTP)  

I am currently part of the BCTP; Faculty and Group's postdocs can be found here.

We have a large and diverse group of postdocs and students.  Amongst them, my current collaborators are:

Daniele Bertolini

Simon Knapen

Tongyan Lin

Mikahil Solon

UC Berkeley postdoc alums:

Yonit Hochberg
Currently postdoc at Cornell

If you are a UC Berkeley student interested in my research, feel free to contact me.

University of Michigan

Previously, I was faculty at the University of Michigan where I had the privilege to work with several talented postdocs and students, shown here, along with what they are doing now.

Ian-Woo Kim
Postdoc at CERN; then founder of start-up UpHere in San Francisco

Sean Tulin
Currently asst prof at York

Haibo Yu
Currently asst prof at UC Riverside

Sam McDermott
Former student
Currently postdoc at Stony Brook